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29 September 2012 @ 06:16 am

“Can love really travel back in time and heal a broken heart? Was it our joined hands that finally lifted Maria’s curse? I’d like to think so. But there are some things I know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can. ” - Sally Owens

Thanks to laurelcrowned I'm up at 6:00am in a fall mood for the first time this year. It's sometimes a little hard to get into the spirit in Florida, but I always get there.

Fall and Halloween are my favorite times of year. It's time to finish decorating, breakout my favorite movies (Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus), finish up my costume (Steven and I are going as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!), make midnight margaritas, and soak in the wonderful feeling that comes along with my favorite holiday.
actually my name's marina
13 September 2012 @ 09:25 pm
So my kids are using a new program called teenbiz. They have articles emailed to them and they're supposed to reply to the email with messages about whether or not they agree or disagree with the main idea of the article. Here is what some of mine did instead:

"your a good teacher !! i enjoy cominq to yur class. i feel happy... lol denilson said hi"

"dear mrs.kurkimilis thank you for being such good teacher and not only that your a good friend and i know that sometimes that when i talk you give me alot of warning thank you for being such a good teacher."

"have a nice day mrs. k"

Can I really fault them for being cute?
actually my name's marina
22 August 2012 @ 07:14 am
Long time no update! I have a few minutes before I need to leave for work so I thought I'd update everyone on the craziness that has been my life!

I left my job at Lee Memorial on July 20th and started my new job on July 25th. I work at a Title 1 school (which just means that a certain percentage of our kids are on free and reduced lunch) so we had to go back to school early for some new strategy meetings. The kids came back on Aug 8th and it's been insane ever since!

As of right now I have 76 students. I would say I know all of their names but I got three new students during my last period yesterday and I don't know theirs... but everyone else's I know! I really enjoy teaching reading so far but it's not all reading fun books like I had imagined. 90% of my kids are intensive readers with the reading level of 3rd grade. Remember, these are 6th graders. So it's back to a lot of the basics with phonics, phonemes, etc. They are a great group of kids though.

It hasn't all been fun and amazing though. My first week was ROUGH. A lot of questioning on whether or not I made the right decision. Elementary was so EASY for me during internship. I kept asking myself, "Why on Earth did you pick Middle School? Why???". I really hate yourecards but my feelings were kind of like this:

Not only was I wondering why I'd pick Middle School, but also why I chose to work in a low-income school where the population can be really rough! I came home and cried almost everyday for the first few days.

But now I'm happy to say that I've got my rhythm going and I'm LOVING my job. In fact, today I have a sub because I have to go to an all day training and I'm actually really sad about it. The idea of us getting another day behind is so sad to me. I hated leaving a note for the sub and imagining someone else in my classroom!! Part of that is just me being OCD though hahahaha. But even if they are a rough and tough little group I can honestly say that I LOVE my kids. Even the ones that I think hate me will run up to me all excited in the hallways and want to give me a hug.

I've read a lot of blogs and books about teaching low income kids and I've learned that the best thing for them is to show them that you WILL NOT give up on them. They have so many adults in their lives that do give up. Even if they flip out and throw something across the room, they do need to be punished like everyone else. But if you give them a detention you need to show up in that detention and show them that you care that they are in there. That you would so much rather them be in class. They do a lot just to test you and we are doing great so far. It's only the third week though so I'll let you know in a few months hahahaha. For now I will leave you with this, it's how I look EVERYDAY when I get home:
actually my name's marina
18 May 2012 @ 02:58 pm
I just removed everyone on my friendslist unless I know you in real life OR I know you fairly well through the internet. If you really want to follow what I do please add my website to your blog reader of choice. I don't want a friendspage filled with people I don't know anymore. Sorry! If you have a blog outside of livejournal I'd be happy to follow it.
actually my name's marina
09 May 2012 @ 06:25 pm
It now says this on my college transcripts next to my graduation date:

Hell yeah!! I've already applied for my teaching license and have applied for 4 jobs! Two kindergarten, one in 3rd, and one in 5th. I've also been added to the Lee County School District sub list so JUST IN CASE I don't get hired right away I can pretty much sub all of the time. Every teacher I met in my internship said they'd use me exclusively until I get a teaching job. Subbing pays $100/day so that's awesome! I'm so excited to start already!!

Also, I know I've already promoted my blog a zillion times on here, but I realized I almost never write here anymore and have started to post more than just photos over there. It's pretty much becoming my main blog. I'm sure I'll still ramble/rant here from time to time but I doubt I'll make substantial posts anymore. So if you want to keep up with me, head over to or add my feed to your blog follower of choice. I like Bloglovin!
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30 April 2012 @ 01:17 pm
i made a blog post about my embarrassing taste in music and about how i'm old on the inside. check it out!
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11 April 2012 @ 03:58 pm
actually my name's marina
31 March 2012 @ 07:28 pm
new blog post!
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24 March 2012 @ 03:35 pm
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